Machinery & Industrial Electronics


POSCO DAEWOO engages in the export and triangular trade of various heavy equipment, industrial vehicles, engines, agricultural machinery, machine tools and presses among others. It strengthens its reliability by providing package deals to major construction and industrial sites, while offering business solutions based on the extensive expertise and experience gained from DAEWOO brand businesses, warehousing business and project financing. In the electronics industry, POSCO DAEWOO supplies a variety of products ranging from home appliances to IT/communication devices to clients all around the world. It focuses on high value-added businesses by supplying communication systems, IT devices and industrial electronic products rather than consumer goods and developing brand licensing businesses.

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Main products

  • Machinery : Heavy equipment, industrial vehicles, engines, agricultural machinery, machine tools, presses
  • Electronics : Communication network projects & related products (repeaters, fiber-optic cables, etc.), LED lighting, LCD panel, display components, white goods, visual home appliances, batteries, power tools, IT devices, brand electronics, etc.