Petrochemical products are chemical products derived from petroleum or natural gas used for chemical purposes other than fuel and lubricants. POSCO DAEWOO supplies wide-ranging petrochemical products from the up-stream sector such as petroleum products (gasoline, gas oil, fuel oil, etc.) and basic petrochemicals such as naphtha, propylene and aromatics to the down-stream sector including synthetic resin, materials for chemical fiber, and synthetic rubber. By expanding strategic partnerships with global manufacturers, POSCO DAEWOO makes its best efforts to achieve shared growth with suppliers and buyers through stable supply of raw materials and securing competitive finished products.

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Main products

  • Petroleum products (gasoline, gas oil, fuel oil, etc.), olefins, aromatics
  • Materials for chemical fibers (PTA, MEG, PET, etc.), Synthetic resins (PE, PP, ABS, PVC, etc.), synthetic rubber (SBR, BR, etc.), fertilizers, inorganic chemistry, etc.