Automobiles & Components


In 1984, Posco Daewoo was the first general trader in Korea to be equipped with a specialized organization for automotive component trading and it is now supplying automotive components and relevant engineering technology to over 265 customer companies in 85 countries worldwide. In particular, as an organization equipped with quality certifications such as ISO 9001, the company is dedicated to specialized exports of Original Equipment (OE) parts such as supplying engines, transmission (TM) parts, seat parts, internal and external parts, and Replacement Equipment (RE) parts such as tires and tubes to America as well as Japan and Europe. Moreover, the company is actively engaged in developing new growth based on futuristic automotive components such as parts for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Main products

  • OE components (engines & T/M, steering, suspension, interior components, air conditioning, electronic component, etc.)
  • RE components (tires, batteries, wheels, etc.)
  • Production equipment, KD/CKD/SKD