Resource Development


As a driving force for its future growth, POSCO DAEWOO actively promotes resource development business. it has engaged in overseas resource development projects in oil/gas, mineral and agro resources, including bituminous coal in Narrabri, Australia and palm oil in Indonesia. Through projects such as these, POSCO DAEWOO continues to establish a solid foothold as a leading global resource developer.

Oil & Gas

Using its world-class technology and years of know-how, POSCO DAEWOO promotes oil and gas development projects all around the world and solidifies its standing as a global E&P company. POSCO DAEWOO's business competency has been widely recognized as a result of its extensive expertise in the upstream sector such as the exploration, development and production of oil and gas.

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By exploring and developing strategic minerals such as bituminous coal, copper and nickel, and investing in related production projects, POSCO DAEWOO seeks to expand the value chain towards the upstream sector. Through these efforts, the company strives to secure supply quantity through offtake agreements and synergy with trading organizations.

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POSCO DAEWOO's competency in trading grains and oils is the best in the nation, and this enables it to focus its efforts on this newly growing business with a view to contribute to Korea's food security. With the goal of expanding the value chains for four major grains - wheat, corn, soybean and rice – POSCO DAEWOO is working towards to become a company that secure grain distribution facilities including silos, export terminals, grain processing facilities and rice processing complexes (RPC).

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