Project Organizing


As a project organizer of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), POSCO DAEWOO carries out various overseas projects on power generation, infrastructure plants and IT facilities, as well as many projects for which it is responsible for all areas ranging from equity investment to facility management, an example being the independent power producer (IPP) project. POSCO DAEWOO is also expanding investments closely related to trading businesses, while facilitating new growth projects in strategic regions..

Power & Energy

Based on industrial infrastructure such as power generation, transmission and distribution of power, and new renewable energy, POSCO DAEWOO engages in project organizing in the form of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and independent power producer (IPP) projects through direct overseas investment as a project developer.
POSCO DAEWOO is also solidifying its position as a top project organizer and project developer in the fields of power generation (e.g., coal-fired power plants, gas-based combined-cycle power plants, cogeneration power plants, hydroelectric power plants), power transmission and distribution (e.g., power transmission & distribution EPC projects, smart grid projects) and new renewable energy (e.g., solar light plants, new renewable energy plants).

Infrastructure Plant

POSCO DAEWOO engages in oil refinery, chemical engineering and industrial plant projects as well as infrastructure plant projects for vessels, harbors, environment and hospitals. It provides an overall solution to clients across the world by getting involved from the project development stage and obtaining funding from ECA to forming consortiums with competitive companies, participating in international bidding, and obtaining/executing EPC.

Automotive Equipment

POSCO DAEWOO is the only Korean trading company to operate an organization devoted to automotive components and supplies automobiles, automotive components and engineering technology to over 250 clients in some 70 countries around the world.
By adopting production equipment, it plays an important role as a project organizer by providing an integrated solution covering automotive component equipment to component supply. Currently, POSCO DAEWOO is enhancing its competitiveness with new technologies and materials centered on electric cars and automated driving to lead the future automobile industry.

New growth Projects

In response to changes in the global industry, POSCO DAEWOO is increasing investment in strategic real estate development by investing in hotels, for instance. It is also creating new engines of growth in strategic regions by expanding into the service industry through warehouse and MICE (Meeting, Incentive Tour, Convention, Exhibition and Event) services.

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