Posco Daewoo News 004

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Posco Daewoo News 004


POSCO DAEWOO takes steps for prosperous next 50 years


– New vision “Beyond Trade, Pursuing Future Business” declared
– The company will try to become the world’s major trading company

POSCO DAEWOO celebrated the company’s new beginning on Wednesday following its acquisition of POSCO P&S’s key units.


In a ceremony at POSCO DAEWOO’s headquarters in Songdo, CEO Kim Young-Sang said the company’s new vision — “Beyond Trade, Pursuing Future Business” — will set the company’s direction for the next 50 years. Under the vision, the nation’s biggest trading company will strive to diversify its business portfolio by expanding into non-trading industries and exploring new opportunities. To that end, the company will adopt the “2Core, 3Expansion” strategy that will focus on expanding the value chain, boosting the efficiency of business structures and bracing for emerging international trading trends such as protectionism.


“POSCO DAEWOO’s competitiveness will be decided by our employees, given the fact that they play a pivotal role in integrating our human resources, information, business and network to drive this company forward,” Kim said. “The time has come for us to venture into new business aggressively with strong self-confidence and entrepreneurship.”

He called on employees to team up to make the company strong and competitive internationally, with a deep-seated culture of challenge, tenacity, mutual trust and cooperation.

During the ceremony, Kim presented awards to employees who had made a proven contribution to the company.

#2Core : Steel, Natural resource development

3Expansion : Agro, Auto parts, IPP(Independent Power Producer)

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